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History of Cozumel

Part of what makes our Cozumel beachfront rental home so unique is the rich and varied history of the island and the people who make their year round home there.  Originally settled by the Maya over 2,000 years ago, from 300-900 AD the island of Cozumel was one of the biggest religious sanctuaries in the Yucutan.  Religious pilgrimages were common, and by 1200 AD it was a key link in major Middle America trading routes, acting as a sort of clearinghouse for middlemen.

In 1518, the Spanish explorer Juan de Grijalva came to Cozumel, and he was followed a year later by Cortes.  The Spanish occupation of Cozumel was to ultimately prove disastrous, for although the Mayas accepted Spanish domination more or less peacefully, the majority of their temples were destroyed by their conquerors.  A prolonged smallpox outbreak between 1519 and 1570 decimated the Cozumel population, so that only a handful of survivors remained of the island's 40,000 inhabitants.

The Spaniards eventually abandoned Cozumel as a port of call, and it became home to pirates during the 17th century before eventually being resettled in 1848 by slavers and refugees from the Yucatan caste wars.  By the mid-19th century, Cozumel's economy was booming and San Miguel and El Cedral were thriving.

The depression of the 1930s affected Cozumel's economy badly until World War II, when a U.S. airbase was established there for the purpose of hunting U-boats.  In 1961, the famous French explorer Jacques Cousteau brought fame to Cozumel waters by proclaiming it a scuba diving paradise.  Very quickly, Cozumel became a Mecca for scuba divers who journeyed their from all over the world.  Even today, the Palancar reef is famous for its variety of indigenous life and beautifully colored fish, crabs, coral, nudibrachs, and all manner of aquatic life.

Today Cozumel is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the Caribbean today.  The temperate climate, lovely ocean breezes, and the friendly people make it a vacation destination second to none.  This makes is the perfect place to take a vacation in a Cozumel rental beachfront home.